Introducing the Hank & Hera Luxe Range: Elegance Redefined

Introducing the Hank & Hera Luxe Range: Elegance Redefined

We are thrilled to unveil the newest and most exquisite addition to our collection – the Hank & Hera Luxe Range. This launch represents a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our dedication to creating luxurious, high-quality garments that make every woman feel like a queen.


The Pinnacle of Elegance

The Luxe Range has been the longest-developed range, a labour of love and meticulous craftsmanship. We have sourced the finest materials, including the highest-quality silks, velvet, and cotton silk, to create pieces that embody sophistication and grace. These garments are not just clothing; they are an experience designed to elevate your style and confidence.


A Commitment to Inclusivity

One of the most critical aspects of the Luxe Range is our unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Historically, garments of this calibre have not been available to plus-size women, but at Hank & Hera, we believe that beauty and luxury should be accessible to all. Our Luxe Range is available in a full range of sizes, ensuring that every woman, regardless of shape or size, can enjoy the elegance and comfort of these exceptional pieces.


Feel Like Royalty

Every piece in the Luxe Range is designed to make you feel like royalty. The sumptuous textures of silk, the rich depth of velvet, and the delicate blend of cotton silk create garments that drape beautifully and feel incredible against the skin. Whether dressing for a special occasion or simply indulging in everyday luxury, our Luxe Range offers something extraordinary.


Pre-Order Now

To ensure the highest quality and attention to detail, most items in the Luxe Range will be available for pre-order for the time being. This allows us to craft each piece perfectly and deliver the luxurious experience you deserve. Pre-ordering ensures that you will be among the first to receive these stunning garments made just for you.


Why This Matters

Launching the Luxe Range is a monumental step for Hank & Hera. It signifies our dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in fashion. We are not just creating clothing; we are crafting pieces that tell a story of elegance and inclusivity, celebrating every woman's unique beauty.


Join Us in Celebrating

We invite you to explore the Luxe Range and experience the epitome of Hank & Hera's craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. This is more than a collection; it's a celebration of femininity, strength, and the diversity of beauty.

Visit our website today to discover the Luxe Range, place your pre-order, and find the perfect piece that makes you feel like the queen you are.