Welcome to the world of Hank & Hera, where every garment is a celebration of empowerment, grace, and timeless elegance for women of all sizes. Experience the unparalleled comfort and sophistication of our meticulously crafted pieces and join us in celebrating the beauty of natural fabrics and enduring femininity.

Hank & Hera was founded as Philippa Giles in 2023, as a frustrated consumer, who wanted beautiful garments that did not exist in plus sizes. Through Hank & Hera, Philippa combines an adoration for timeless silhouettes and an unwavering commitment to ensuring that all women have access to impeccably crafted garments to design luxurious, natural fibre sleepwear from size XS to 4XL. Her driving force behind the brand is to create garments that evoke a sense of divine beauty and celebrate all women, of all sizes.

Hank & Hera is proudly designed in Australia, with each garment meticulously crafted, and supported, by female-founded businesses. By supporting local professionals and embracing female-owned businesses, we contribute to a legacy of quality craftsmanship and empowerment within our community.

  • Bringing luxury to every day

    In a busy world with so many time pressures, Hank & Hera believes every woman deserves to indulge in luxury as part of the everyday. Our designs cater to individuals who savour life's finer pleasures, echoing the sophistication and grace of our namesake, Hera, the Queen of the Gods.

    Just like the enduring elegance of our muse, Hera, our range is designed to transcend the latest trends, celebrating lasting style through quality fabrics and classic colours. The range is designed to effortlessly transition from traditional sleepwear to chic ensembles suitable for any occasion, embodying a slow fashion ethos that prioritises longevity and versatility. Whether you’re relaxing at home or heading to brunch, Hank & Hera’s range has been designed with versatility in mind, to add value to the customer.

  • Premium natural fabric sleepwear

    Hank & Hera embodies a vision steeped in a deep appreciation for luxurious nightwear fashioned from exquisite, natural fabrics.

    Hank & Hera has a steadfast commitment to natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk. These materials not only offer unparalleled comfort but also age gracefully, becoming softer and more luxurious over time. Our focus on natural fibres underscores our dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship.

Celebrating strong women

Hank & Hera aims to empower women, celebrating their resilience and femininity. Our aim is to mirror women’s inherent power and grace, through our timeless designs that can adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you are a mother, a busy professional, or a creative spirit, Hank & Hera is for all women – just as you are.

Every garment in the Hank & Hera collection pays homage to a family member, friend, or public figure who has played a pivotal role in Philippa's personal and professional journey. These women, who enrich Philippa's life, serve as constant sources of inspiration and are honoured through our meticulously crafted pieces.

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