Sustainable sleepwear that celebrates slow fashion and ethical manufacturing

At Hank & Hera, sustainability is fundamental to our brand ethos. We prioritise sourcing premium natural fabrics that are both luxurious and environmentally friendly. Our commitment extends to ethical partnerships, ensuring fair treatment of workers in our carefully selected factories. Despite being a new brand, we uphold high standards for ourselves and our impact on the communities we work with, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices.

From production and materials to responsible partnerships and design philosophy, Hank & Hera’s commitment to sustainable luxury continues to evolve each season.

Ethical Production

Transparency and ethics are foundational to our production process. We've carefully chosen to partner with a female-owned factory in India after a thorough six-year search, showcasing our dedication to ethical manufacturing.

Our partner factory boasts skilled staff members with over two decades of experience in finishings, fabrics, design, fit, and patternmaking. Their values resonate with ours, making them ideal collaborators in our pursuit of sustainable and ethical fashion.

What drew us to this factory was their commitment to treating their staff with fairness and respect, evident in their reasonable practices and long-term employee relationships. Notably, the factory owner's mother, a former owner of one of India's largest apparel factories in the luxury market, was a trailblazer in providing childcare services for female employees. This ensured they could remain close to their children while fulfilling their work responsibilities.

We believe that the care we invest as business partners is reflected in the exceptional quality of our garments, meticulously crafted by our joint team of artisans.

Sustainable Materials

At Hank & Hera, we prioritise responsible sourcing and our use of natural fibres as a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability. Working closely with an expert network of experts, we ensure that our materials reflect our dedication to transparency and ethical practices.

Each collection at Hank & Hera features a diverse range of premium, natural fabrics. From consciously crafted cottons to materials made from regenerated fibres, we strive to offer luxurious options that align with our values.