It's time to take a closer look at plus size fashion advice and styling tricks that will help you put together an outfit to make you look leaner. Look at this as putting the fashion basics into practice!

Here are some of the latest best styling tricks which will help you look your best.

Dress Monochromatically

'Monochromatic' means wearing the same color but in different nuances (eg. chocolate brown, chestnut brown, beige), but can also work with colours that have the same value (light, medium or dark). 

One of the best and safest ways to look slimmer is to wear dark or light colors in the same nuance from top to toe, like for example black pants and a dark blue top.

It's one of the most glamourous fashion tips but you can never go wrong with it! Compared to wearing contrasting colours (which cuts up your frame and make you look wider) it makes the eye go up and down, instead of from side to side. If you're tall, you can get away with colour blocking but you need to work extra on selecting details that make the eye go up and down (eg. long pendant necklace).

A trick if you can't live without the classic white tee and jeans look, is to top it off with a vest or jacket in a similar dark color and that "hooks" with the bottom garment. This creates a better vertical flow for the eye.

Tip: Finish off your monochromatic outfit with a bright colour accessory. It adds interest to your outfit and will highlight the area it's placed on and can also add width to areas that lack curves.

Vertical Details Are Your Best Friends

... because they make people’s eye go up and down.

So select garments with strong vertical prints and details. Examples are:

  • Zip front
  • Vertical cable knit texture
  • Pleats

Also be on the look-out for jewelry styles with a long, vertical pendant shape. Long beaded necklaces are good too.

How to Wear Navy Stripes

You can wear horizontal stripes but they look best on body parts that need some widening. Stripes need to be medium to large-scaled. If you're petite go for medium - or close together stripes which create a ladder effect, drawing the eye up and down.

Focus on V-necks

They're the perfect neckline when you want your body to look thinner and longer. If you have narrow shoulders then wear a slightly rounded neckline but add a long necklace or a necklace with a vertical pendant for maximum slimming effect. The V-shape of the neckline is an excellent way to make the eye go up and down. If you have a full bust, I suggest you to look for v-necks that stops right above your cleavage.

Wear Accessories Strategically

For example, when it comes to scarves: wear it long and dangling (or let one of the end dangle freely) instead of bundling it up. It can be an exception if you're a pear body shape and lack width and volume on top compared to your bottom. If have a big bust, letting one of the ends dangle vertically is ideal. Bandana scarf styling create a v-shape that is slimming too.

Get the Right Fit

That means make sure the garment isn't too baggy or too tight on your body.

It can be tempting to hide behind tented clothing but it doesn't solve the problem, you'll only look heavier. Or if it's too tight it'll wrinkle when you move, and not least create lumps and bumps that widen your body frame.

Click here to learn how to take your body measurements, and if you're unsure of how plus sizes work click here.

Scale it to Your Size

So wear wider belts (eg. the thickest skinny belt you can find!), bigger prints and bigger-scaled handbags. If you're petite stick to medium-scale.

Small and dainty accessories will only make you look big in comparison. However you can wear small bracelets as long as you wear several of them in one to create a full, cascading effect.

Facial Features - Bigger features need to upscale the jewelry; if you have small features, make your jewelry smaller.

Bust Size - If you have a big bust you need bigger necklaces; smaller busts look better with delicate jewelry pieces. This scaling guidelines also applies to scarves. Eg. Chunky knits and wide scarves work best on bigger busts.

Wrist and Hands - Bracelets, rings and watches should be scaled to the size of your hands, wrists and hands.

Calves, Ankles & Feet - Fuller and muscular calves need bigger details such as wider straps and thicker heel (eg. wedge instead of stiletto). If you have slim and dainty feet and ankles, opt for fine straps and slimmer heels.

Invest in a Couple of Plus Size Shapewear

They'll trim and tuck in your frame whenever you need it! Like for special occasions or when a top becomes slightly tight on your bloated stomach after a heavy lunch.

Body shapers work like magic on the extra lumps and bumps. Learn more about plus size shapewear.

Great fitting underwear is super-important, especially bras! They hold up a big bust and lifts it up to reveal your torso which makes you look leaner. If your underwear doesn't fit properly it’s going to bulge strangely underneath your clothes and make you look bulky.

Nipped Tops

The wider your waist looks, the heavier you'll look. Just take a look at some of the slim Rectangles. They're thin but they still look bigger than they are because of their lack of waist definition.

A slim waist can visually take 10 pounds off your frame. And it also creates a sexy and appealing hourglass silhouette. So if your waist is on the wider or fuller side, wear clothes that nip at the thinnest part of your waist.

However if you have a full mid-section, stick to empire cut to skim over the tummy. It's nipped right below your bust, instead of at the waist.